Hit the button on the battery five times quickly to turn the unit on.
They come with a 60 to 80 percent charge already from the factory so you can use it right away.

To charge unit screw the top of the battery into the USB charger cord and plug the USB end into the charging block.  The cord has a light that will turn on.  It takes a few hours to charge.  The battery should last most of the day on a full charge, depending on use.

Most of the time I put mine on the charger overnight and when I wake up it’s charged.  If you are not using it and you are near the charger it’s always a good idea to just stick it on the charger.  It isn’t good to drain the battery down to completely dead a lot because it shortens the life of the battery as far as when you have to replace it.

Your unit is called an eGo Twist.  That means that the small silver ring at the end of the battery (opposite end from where it charges) can be twisted left or right to increase the voltage output, which increases the amount of vapor i.e. heat and throat hit.  All the way to the left is the lowest setting and all the way to the right is the highest.  You can stop at any spot in between.   Different flavors taste different at different voltages and I play with mine a lot.


To fill the tank you unscrew the black mouthpiece a couple of turns (it is threaded) and then pull it up and out.  As you look inside the open hole where the mouthpiece was you will see a silver tube.  You do NOT pour the liquid down the silver tube.  Tip the clearomizer at an angle and slowly pour the liquid down the side at an angle until it is filled up to around the white plastic thing inside.  If you get some liquid in the silver tube it won’t hurt you, but that is where the vapor comes out so you will end up with some liquid in your mouth.  Push the mouthpiece back in and screw it a couple of turns so it locks in.
Now you are ready to screw the clearomizer onto the battery.  You do not want to screw it down tight.  It just has to screw on gently .  You want to be able to remove it easily.  You don’t want to screw it on super tight because you can  damage the battery or even the tank.

You are now ready to vape.  You have to hold the button down when you take a drag.  The button engages the battery and creates the vapor.

I recommend that if you are going to carry it in your pocket you remove the tank from the battery and put them in separately.  The pressure of the tank wedging in your pocket attached to the battery can cause the battery charging end to come loose and break.