Boca Raton Vaping News

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Boca Raton Restricts Vaping

Vaping in Boca? Then like it or not, from now on your electronic cigarette will be regulated, just like smoking the regular tobacco version. more>>

Ex-Smokers Organize

Like a little kid showing off her new toys, Donna Queen, a 50-year-old housewife from Coral Springs, giddily opens a black pouch and reveals her quiver of electronic cigarettes. One is covered in pink rhinestones that glitter like a disco ball. Another is decorated with a purple flower pattern.
She flashes a grin. “I’m a 35-year smoker. Smoked two-and-a-half packs a day. Now I haven’t smoked in 23 days! I don’t hack and cough anymore.”

Florida colleges ban smoking, even in your car

By Scott Travis
Sun Sentinel
If you smoke, you may be breathing less easily on college campuses these days.
Looking for the designated smoking area at Florida International University? There is none.
Want to light a cigarette inside your car at the University of Florida? Don’t let the cops see you.
Hoping to smoke during your break at Nova Southeastern University? You have six months left until NSU becomes the latest college to go tobacco-free. Come July 1, the covered smoking benches will come down and smoke-free-campus signs will go up.
“Although we’d like people to quit, we’re not saying you have to. You just can’t smoke here,” said Tom Vitucci, NSU’s director of campus recreation and leader of the smoke-free effort.
College campuses are becoming less tolerant of smokers, replacing tobacco restrictions with outright bans, even while in your car. Violators face discipline ranging from warnings to expulsion or termination in extreme cases. Most will just be told to extingish their cigarettes, Nova officials said…